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Coach Ron Kardashian

Prophetic Advisor, Solutionist,
Life and Business Strategist
Kingdom Conditioning Ministries


Dr. Jerry Savelle

Pastor and bestselling author of 70 books


What is #G7

What is G7 ?

G7GROWTH = 7 growth strategies for 7 essential areas that accelerate life, business and wealth:

  1. Spiritual (Revelation)
  2. Mental (Cognitive Renewal)
  3. Financial (Economical Wealth)
  4. Relational (Marital or Partnership Confidence)
  5. Physical (Health & Longevity)
  6. Emotional (Behaviors)
  7. Family (Legacy)

Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, CEOs, Pastors and those hungry for real-life biblically based solutions.

Who is it for?

What you will
learn at this G7 Event.

A spiritual-filled, up-close and personal discussion with Dr. Jerry Seville, known for his saying “You are destined to Win!”
God has used Dr. Savelle to inspire people all over the world, who have been burnt-out on religion and who have backslidden in their walk with God, to take hold of the promises of God and become the winners in life that God has called them to be.
He is the host of the Jerry Savelle Ministries television broadcast, which airs in two hundred countries worldwide and is the author of more than seventy books, including his bestseller “Called to Battle, Destined to Win: Experience God’s Breakthrough Power in Your Life”. He and his wife, Carolyn, also serve as founding pastors of the Heritage of Faith Christian Center in Crowley, Texas. 

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