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Registration is now open. Event will be held on Thursday, April 16th at 12pm (PDT) and Friday,
April 17th at 8am (PDT) for Moscow viewers.


Coach Ron Kardashian

Executive Coach to CEOs and Industry Lenders
CEO, Le Confidant, Inc.

Rick Renner

A prolific author and a highly respected
Bible teacher and leader in the International Christian community.


What is #G7

What is G7 ?

G7=Growth 7.Growth strategies for 7 essential areas that accelerate life, business and wealth.

  1. Spiritual (Revelation)
  2. Mental (Cognitive Renewal)
  3. Financial (Economical Wealth)
  4. Relational (Marital or Partnership Confidence)
  5. Physical (Health & Longevity)
  6. Emotional (Behaviors)
  7. Family (Legacy)

Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, CEOs, Pastors and those hungry for real-life biblically based solutions.

Who is it for?

What you will
learn at this G7 Event.

An intellectual conversation with Rick Renner, author of the timely message, A Life Ablaze, Sparkling Gems from the Greek, and a long list of other best sellers that have sold millions of copies, critical for understanding eschatology and end-time seasons of the Church. This is an up-close and personal event showcasing real life topics, real life solutions, and content critical for growth and expansion of life, business and your understanding of what is next for you. Special discussion concerning what you need to be doing during the COVID-19 season and how this time could be the gateway of change in epic proportions for you, your family, your business and/or organization.

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